1 Mayıs 2012 Salı

The duel between BMW and Mercedes will be sharper

The Swabian car manufacturer once was the clear number one in the luxury world, there was not even mentioned by Audi. Meanwhile, BMW drives forward the worldwide sales, behind Audi and Mercedes in 2011 was only at number three. Even the returns could be better. But that will change again, think Mercedes CEO Dieter Zetsche ("The building has fighting spirit") and blows to the rapid catch-up: Not later than 2020, so his announcement, the brand with the star in the premium league play again in front. Of course, with a model campaign - only ten in 2015 to entirely new models come onto the market. And this will also help the new alliance with Renault-Nissan. Mercedes may actually overtake BMW? We make the chances of check on all classes and models - including new or secret. 1st NEW FAMILY OF THE A-CLASS-ATTACKER It is especially interesting in the Golf class. BMW has this new, highly upgraded 1 Series now with the 4.32-meter-long five-door (loading capacity: 360 to 1,200 liters) already at the start, in September completed the sleeker three-door program. Exactly one year later, the 2 +2- seater 1 Series Coupe, which means the future of 2, in the spring of 2014, the corresponding classic fabric roof of the 1 Series Convertible. More news: The free newsletter of AUTOZEITUNG And later this summer with the three-door M135i Munich have a very sharp biter of a leash. The new M performance model uses namely a straight six cylinder, which offers about 320 hp with turbo pressure. The sprint to 100 km will be completed in about five seconds. A cluster is not the 1st planned - but will start the first large MPV from BMW, the September, 2015. A front-wheel drive, and later to have four-wheel drive. And a typical BMW: not a good high roof box, but Sporty what the family connection. Approximately 4.30 meters long with room for five and luggage properly. Based on the new front-wheel drive architecture, the Company's use of 2014 and the next-generation Mini. And Mercedes? Set in the Gulf area fully on the new 4.29 meters long Mercdes A-Class, which starts in September, initially as a five-door hatchback. Over a three-door coupe version of the Daimler-strategists are discussing. In this case, is to follow a four-seater soft top convertible. Everything is different than before the Baby-Benz: Instead of the popular high roof semesters in older mobile home, there is now a sporty compact car.

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