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Porsche calls pace

Uwe Hueck, the works council head of the sports car maker Porsche has called for more speed in integrating the company into the Volkswagen Group. Hueck told the news agency in Stuttgart: "The current constellation has undermined growth." In the Porsche internal cost rates will pay much more in Volkswagen, because both are still separated. "This year may represent a high triple-digit million amount. These expenses are unnecessary. I would invest the money in jobs. The existing structure is very unfavorable for Porsche in the long term." PORSCHE WILL SELL CARS FROM 2018 AT LEAST 200 000 Hueck said, in the minds of both companies are already an integrated automotive group. In future, five models will be worked together at three with Wolfsburg. The long-planned merger between Volkswagen and Porsche's holding company Porsche SE had been canceled last year for the time being. Billions in damages brought by investors who saw themselves in later failed attempt to takeover of VW by Porsche 2008/2009 misinformed, took care of high risk. The question of how to minimize tax payments due in the billions, the Porsche had recently delayed integration. VW is now considering buying the remaining shares in the operating business of Porsche AG - as an alternative to the merger with Porsche SE. So far, the Wolfsburg hold nearly half of Porsche. The head of the sports car maker, Matthias Müller, had ordered after taking office, the Stuttgart-based group has a growth campaign. Therefore, the company also invested heavily in the main plant in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. Hueck said there were 190,000 square meters of additional land was purchased for the plant expansion. Other purchases were planned. The additional land is reported to new buildings for the production, a new training center and a new building for spare parts and one office building to be built. The plant had a previous area of ​​260,000 square meters. Hueck said: "The extension is necessary to achieve the goals set by the board of 200,000 cars sold in 2018." Moreover, in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, just booted the daily production numbers. "The end of 2011 were still 160 vehicles produced per day, it's in May will have 170 vehicles in August this year, then almost 190 cars, which rely on every day's work. In 2013, the council would be that 200 sports car left a day's work . " This year the yield will be increased by one third. More car-theme: The free newsletter of AUTOZEITUNG Hueck believes that the sports car maker to set sales targets could surpass. "Until now we have four series. The 911-er, the Roadster, the Cayenne and the Panamera. In front all Brazil, India, China and Russia, we expect enormous growth rates. These were markets where we previously were not active. And Then, there is also further upside potential in the traditional markets. " They also state that the end of next year of the Macan introduced. That would be the fifth series. Hueck knocked out, have it produced the vehicles in both our own factories. "If Porsche is growing, it may be unable to make out more than the parent plant. Only, all Porsche capacities are exhausted within the next step and then to a production in a VW plant to be agreed."

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