2 Mayıs 2012 Çarşamba

With Borbet's running smoothly for everyone!

As one of the world's leading manufacturer of alloy wheels, the Borbet Group serves the entire automotive industry at home and abroad. The family business employs about 3,500 people at its locations in Germany, Austria, South Africa and the United States. Borbet offers an attractive range of about 2,000 different alloy variants, of striking and sporty and dynamic, to classic and elegant. Borbet is a successful family business, which commenced in August 1962 in Hall-Hesborn his business and now looks back on 50 years of company history. To mark this anniversary, the entire history of all Borbet wheels designs with pictures and text presented on Facebook. And of course, especially the legendary A-bike is the absolute classic among all Borbet wheel designs, which looks back on a 25-year track record and now has undergone a relaunch. The broad, powerful and spoke the clear appearance are the hallmarks of this stylish 5-star wheel. In the dimensions 7.5 x 16/9 x 16, it has since December 2011 in silver horn-polished and sprays available a charming touch of retro feel. Another example of high quality aluminum wheels made by Borbet CC is the design in black and polished finish, a classic five-spoke wheel with a personal touch. Makes clear, distinctive lines of this bike is a timeless classic with a very special touch. The crystal and silver-painted with acrylic clear coat also fitted wheels withstand all weather conditions. Currently provides Borbet be sure sense of the latest trends in the market with multi-colored painted wheels to demonstrate a technological innovation that inspires not only retailer in the world. The premiere product, the design introduces this new series, the Kreuzspeichenrad CW2, a modern interpretation of classic designs in combination with low bed. As a matte black tone has been chosen to complement the red GT-look of polished horn. It is possible to finish the multi-colored wheels (fully or partially) as well as a branding with logos and lettering, thanks to an innovative production process. Thus, the automotive expertise within the Borbet Group will continue with confidence. By the way: Since this spring Borbet partner is the legendary drift Brothers Eli and Joe, a successful sports stars in the drift. An interesting collaboration on the car fans can now look forward to!

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