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Paris has its center. The heart beats because of the Grande Nation, where is the Eiffel Tower. And who walks through the Brandenburg Gate, may be sure that you have found the most important place in the German capital. In Los Angeles does not work. A key attraction is the rag-tag from a total of 15 districts not counting some 13 million people living on earth metropolitan region. Hollywood? Periphery. The Getty Center? Too specific. Walk of Fame? Not really. That which holds together the 1290 square kilometer management unit in their interiors, motorways. Like to six lanes, they give some structure to the Pacific juggernaut. The street as a tourist destination. In the United States shall pass something. Who wants to survey the Autoland USA on tax does, of course, with a preference for SUVs. Once the light truck to a Pappbecherkaffee to Starbucks, that's it. However, to know the fuel prices here in only one direction, and facing up. A small number there is eventually. The Chevrolet Malibu, for example. Exactly 4.86 meters at the mid piece, and after the jump flammneu Germany. From July namely the Malibu will be nothing less than top-of-range European Chevrolet - Corvette and Camaro times ignored. A four-cylinder gasoline engine will give it, is with 2.4 liter displacement and 167 hp, and a turbo diesel in the making, two liters in size, exactly 160 horsepower. The Chevrolet Malibu is what they call a "good working car." Attractive design rather than short-lived gadgets. Plenty of room, easy to use, good clarity - all of the cheap price. It's hard to drive the price over $ 30,000. Essential as six-speed automatic transmission, leather interior, automatic climate control and alloy wheels are included, a further A4 page full of other nice things as well. THE GREAT WITH THE LIGHTS IN THE CAMARO BOWTIE WEARING STYLE You do not buy a Malibu to specify, but to life. For the powers that be in Detroit, he is also a measure against the omnipresent Toyota Camry. A confident grille with gold bowtie badge to the tradition of the greatest of all brands of General Motors may be construed as a statement. Rear tail lights sparkle four individual who are very carefully modeled after those of another Chevy - the Camaro. I want to take the new Ami on their way north. Out of the city extremeley packed on the California State Route 1 is always along the coast and up to Monterey. A good day's ride, full of interesting and sometimes dramatic views. A detour to the south can not hurt before. At the moment we are experiencing a kind of memorial marathon on the misadventure of the Edward J. Smith, the captain sat in a cold April night 100 years ago, his sprightly, but demonstrably sinkbaren steamer on an iceberg, and with it disappeared into the yawning depths. The fate of the Titanic was launched in 1934, Queen Mary overflowed spared. She is still quiet in the Port of Long Beach and is home to its 310 meter length of a hotel and a museum. Until her last trip in September 1967 brought two dozen steam boiler with the measured 80 774 gross registered tons Cunard ocean liner in service. With its old-fashioned shaped hull and the three massive chimneys of the steel giant is one beeindruckener witness a time when you are not for power shopping in the U.S. flognach north. We leave behind us in Santa Monica and Venice Beach and tanned, with all its aces. A friend had warned me: "It is completely indifferent, just as you are on it or how you look. Go down to Venice Beach, and you will feel old and fat. "

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